Paddling Aigas Gorge

I spent a very enjoyable day with a group of Highland Photographers led by Donald McPherson from Explore Highland paddled along Aigas Gorge.

The weather was commonplace – not quite four seasons in one day…. We had plenty of sunshine and it was very mild for January, apart from during the odd squally shower!! This made for a great variety of light to photograph in.

aigas gorge

I’m not quite sure how, but part way through I ended up on 1/750th sec shutter speed, which meant on auto ISO, lots of shots were taken at ISO6400 – that’s why there is artistic grain on some (which I may have enhanced in post-processing)! Must pay more attention, not just watch the levels and think they are OK!

Here’s more details of the Explore Highland Paddle Aigas Gorge canoe trips.

Paddling Aigas Gorge