Private Scottish Highland Tours

Our Highland ToursWelcome to our Highland Tours page.

The Highlands of Scotland has so much to offer. Indeed, in September 2017, Scotland was named Rough Guides #1 Tour Destination, worldwide!!

We are very happy to create a customised private tour for you, based on your specific interests and desires. However, to keep things simple and make it easy to book, we are developing a well-researched range of off-the-shelf private tours available to book at a time that suits you.

Currently, our off the shelf tours are based mainly around our Outlander Tours, which you find out about in detail and book via our other website: Outlander: The Past Lives Experience. These include day trips to the Isle of Skye, round Loch Ness, to Torridon and Applecross and around The Black Isle. These days trips can be booked as a private tour, or you can book one or more seats on set dates here on our Outlander One Day Tours page.

You also can see an overview of our Outlander Tours on this website, plus our Outlander Tour Photo Gallery showing photographs of the many stunning Outlander locations from Diana Gabaldon’s books and from the popular STARZ Outlander TV series.

As well as bespoke tours, we are creating a range of ‘off the peg’ Highland Tours, some of which will be available to book for the 2018 season. These will also be available as mix’n’match tour modules, so that you can quickly and easily create your dream Highland Tour vacation. Additionally, we can recommend specific events which could compliment your tour, such as specific Highland Games, Food Festivals and other annual celebrations of Highland culture.

Finally, we are also creating a range of Clan Highland Tours (listed below) based on the popular Highland Clans. Review the lists below and then click on the links to find more information about tour module.

Private Highland Tours

  • Jacobite Trail (East, West, South)
  • Great Glen and Jacobite Trail (West)
  • Highland Historic Castles Tours (see our Highland Castles gallery)
  • History, Heritage and Archaeology Tour
  • Brochs and Standing Stones Tour
  • Pictish Tour
  • Famous Scots Tours
  • North Coast 500 Tours (see our NC500 gallery)
  • Wildlife & Natural History Tours (see our Highland Wildlife galleries)

  • Highland Landscapes Tours
  • Scottish Gardens Tour
  • Scottish Art Tour
  • Scottish Food Tour
  • Scottish Religion Historic Tour
  • Highland and Scottish Culture Tour
  • Whisky/Distillery Tours
  • Scottish Military Tour
  • Introduction to Digital Photography Tour

Private Highland Clan-themed Tours

Highland Personal Development Photography Tours offer bespoke tours of the Highlands including tours based on your Clan Ancestry and Heritage.

Experience a fascinating slice through Scottish History with some amazing Highland scenery and landmarks on a Highland Clan Themed Tour.

We offer a very personalised service to build a tour incorporating what you already know about your clan ancestry and genealogy plus our own extensive research. A typical tour includes, time permitting:

  • Visit the Clan seat, the Clan lands, burial grounds, magnificent (and ruined) castles and historic country houses.
  • Perhaps we can arrange to meet the Clan Chief, or a Laird or other Clan representatives…
  • You will certainly get to experience Highland life and your ancestral homeland today and from yesteryear.
  • Learn about Scottish and Clan heraldry, Clan Septs, alliances, foes and battles.
  • Was your Clan involved in the Jacobite Rising? And on which side?
  • Going further back, is there evidence linking your Clan’s roots to the Picts, the Celts, the Vikings or Dál Riata?
  • We can include a visit to the Highland Archive Centre, or other relevant archives where you can conduct your own research into your Clan and your genealogy.

Tours can be from as little as one day to seven days, or more when combined with other available tour modules, including an Outlander Tour or one of our Jacobite Tours.

The following is a list of Clans and Surnames commonly found and/or prominent in The Highlands. We are currently researching and putting together tours based on the history and ancestry of these clans.

If your Highland ancestry isn’t represented by this list, do contact us, to discuss a bespoke tour for you and your clan.

  • Cameron – our first clan tour, contact us to book
  • Campbell
  • Chattan*
  • Chisholm
  • Davidson
  • Farquharson / Farquhar
  • Forbes
  • Fraser
  • Gordon
  • Grant
  • Innes
  • McLean / MacClean
  • McDonald / MacDonald
  • MacDonnell (of Glengary)
  • MacGillivray
  • Mackintosh
  • MacIntyre

  • Mackay
  • McKenzie
  • McKinnon
  • McLeod / MacLeod
  • MacNicol
  • MacPhail
  • McPherson / MacPherson
  • Matheson
  • MacThomas
  • Menzies
  • Munro/Monroe
  • Nicholson
  • Robertson
  • Shaw
  • Stewart
  • Sutherland
  • Urquhart

*  Note: Clan Chattan is not now a Clan in the usual sense, but a group of Highland Clans that originally collaborated for mutual benefit and security – whilst maintaining their independence. Originally a separate (as usual) Clan in the early 14th century, the clan then formed the Chattan Confederation, headed by the chief of Clan Mackintosh.  The Confedaration grew to include 17 Clans; today the principal Clans are: Davidson, Farquharson, MacBean, MacGillivray, MacIntyres (in Badenoch), Mackintosh, Maclean of Dochgarroch, MacPhail, Macpherson, MacQueens of Strathdearn, Shaw and MacThomas.