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Highland Games Scotland - Saltire

Highland Games are a major feature of Scottish, and in particular, Highland culture. The Games, or Highland Gatherings, as they are also known, have their roots as far back as the 11th century.

During the times known as the ‘early modern period’, Highlanders were faced with the hardships of famine, civil war, tough chieftains, inter-clan rivalry and the repression of the infamous ‘Clearances’ of the lands of the clans of the North of Scotland. As a result, any Scots emigrated to various corners of the world since when these gatherings have become a popular feature in many countries.

The modern games started in the early 1800s once the British Government’s ban on Highlands culture and traditions (the Act of Proscription of 1746) was lifted.

The largest gatherings in Scotland have around 23,000 spectators.  The largest international gathering with 50,000 spectators, is hosted by The Caledonian Club of San Francisco.

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Highland Games Scotland

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