Highland Coastline

Scotland has over 6,000 miles (10,000 km) of coastline, making up makes up 8% of Europe’s total coastline. If you include Scotland’s 700+ islands, the figure increases to 10,250 miles (16,500 km). Scotland’s west coast, in particular, has many islands,  with the mainland punctuated by headlands and peninsulas often separated by long sea lochs and firths (sea bays or straits).

Needless to say, these all contribute to stunning landscapes and in no small way to the success of the North Coast 500 (NC500) tourist route, which starts and ends in Inverness. There is a separate gallery specifically for NC500.

The images below include several taken to the East of Inverness in Moray, Speyside and Aberdeenshire. Though technically not the Highlands, being North Scotland, Aberdeenshire definitely makes for some spectacular scenery and trips out, right on our doorstep, albeit quite distinct from the west coast.