Motorsport – The Snowman Rally 2018


Below is a gallery of my favourite shots from Stage 5 of this year’s Snowman Rally in and around Inverness. These shots are from the stage that takes place on Forestry Commission land in Contin, which is a Ross-shire village and civil parish between Strathpeffer and Garve in the Highlands.

Like many photographic opportunities, it is best to plan and scope out the best locations in advance, if you can.Alas, I did not, at least not as much as I could. i dis arrive early and walked up and down a few hundreds yards that was marked out for spectating. Due to safety concerns, the areas from which you can spectate and photography are limited. There are six rally stages to choose from. In 2015, I went and photographed from stage one, so this year I wanted to try a different stage.

I’m not a big petrol-head. I went for the photography. To be honest, I’m one of those armchair sports fans who’d generally prefer to watch my sport (unless photographing it) from the comfort of my home, with the benefit of the multiple vantage points that TV channels typically have with their cranes, multiple cameras, helicopters and drones etc. I know tat several of my photography friends and acquaintances really enjoyed watching and experiencing the motorsport action first hand.

The challenge is that from one limited viewing perspective, your photos can all end up looking quite similar. So it pays to think out different kinds of shots and perspectives. One classic type of view, that can be very effective is to take a panned shot from a side perspective; with the right shutterspeed and with a little practise, you can get a nice sharp image of your sports subject against a blurred background. Here’s an example from the Snowman Rally Stage One in 2015:

The Snowman Rally

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Paddling Aigas Gorge


I spent a very enjoyable day with a group of Highland Photographers led by Donald McPherson from Explore Highland paddled along Aigas Gorge.

The weather was commonplace – not quite four seasons in one day…. We had plenty of sunshine and it was very mild for January, apart from during the odd squally shower!! This made for a great variety of light to photograph in.

aigas gorge

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Flying Squirrels


The guys I share the local hide with have done a great job setting up some jumps for the local squirrels to ‘work for’ their treats. This has resulted in flying squirrels.

They are cheeky, brave little lads and lasses, inquisitive and entertaining.

Here’s the latest shots of the flying squirrels, plus a robin and a very cheeky squirrel.

Flying Squirrels

New wheels


Here’s the first glimpse of our new wheels!

As well as our trusty, all-wheel-drive Subaru Outback which gets us around off the beaten track in great style, we now have a brand new 8 seater Minibus.

It is also stylish – a Mercedes Vito Tourer with a smooth 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox, turbocharged engine, comfort suspension and comfort leatherette seats. This all makes for an incredibly smooth and quiet ride.

We picked up the van last week; I drove it up from London, so it has 600 miles on the clock and is not at all clean! It is sat on the drive covered in snow right now, waiting to be cleaned.

We are looking forward to taking groups of up to six on tour with us around Scotland and The Highlands in the Vito. Here’s a couple of snaps, not at all good quality – from my phone:

 Mercedes Vito Tourer
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My favourite photos taken 2017


Hi folks. As is the tradition, I have compiled my favourite shots taken in 2017.

Here is a montage of some of them (click on the image to enlarge). You can see the full set on my Flickr pages in this album:

Most of these have been taken with my Canon EOS 7D mkii using a variety of lenses. Some have been taken with the Fuji X100 mirrorless camera and a few with the Panasonic FZ330 bridge camera.

2017 favourites montage

Winter in the Highlands – Wonderland!


We’ve has our first snow, not just any snow, but huge fluffy flakes that wafted down like feathers, settling like an eider down duvet. Winter in the Highlands is simply wonderful!

This time of year is a great time for travel and sightseeing in the Highlands. Whilst some places may start to get a little inaccessible and start to close down for the winter, there is still a great deal to see and do right on our doorstep. Snow-capped mountains, winter wildlife, Christmas fairs, winter sports – all provide a great atmosphere and a great deal of interest for your tour and photography. Read More →

New Highland Tours for 2018 plus Outlander Tours


We’ve been a little quiet on the blog over the summer as we’ve been busy finalising and delivering our new Outlander themed tours. If you are a big fan of Diana Gabaldon, her books and/or the STARZ Outlander TV series (Amazon Prime/Channel 4 in the UK) then check out our sister website Outlander: The Past Lives Experience for some amazing Outlander tours. We’re also working on a range of New Highland Tours for 2018 – these will be modular, off-the-peg tours, which you can mix and match to create a totally unique private Highland Tour experience.

Highland-ToursTake a look at our Private Scottish Highland Tours page for more details and options. These private tours are available for couples, or for larger groups of up to 6 people (plus the two of us).

The new Highland Tours include: the Jacobites; the Great Glen; Castles, Brochs; Standing Stones; History, Heritage and Archaeology; The Picts; Wildlife & Natural History Tours; Whisky & Distilleries; Skye; the North Coast 500 and more…

From 2018, we are also offering tours based on the history and ancestry of Highland Clans.
Do you have Highland Ancestry?

Click this link to see which Clans we will be focusing on. Let us know if you are serious about a specific Clan-based tour and we can prioritise it. Or, if you would like a tour based on your Clan’s ancestry, but it isn’t on the list – we can create a bespoke Highland tour for you.

Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on New Highland Tours.