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We are husband and wife team, tour guides – Andrew and Diane Nicholson. Now in our early 50s, with a youthful outlook, we’ve been together for over 10 years.

Andy & Di selfie portrait

We moved ‘back home‘ to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and got married in 2013.

Andy Nicholson

Andy NicholsonAndrew, or Andy as he tends to go by, lists his hobbies as: photography, golf, personal development, keep fit, IT /gadgets and reading non-fiction books. In the past he has also enjoyed a variety of sports, following on from BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science. Andy has been a relatively successful dinghy sailor and for many years was an RYA Sailing Instructor; he has also enjoyed: running, mountain biking, skiing and a brief stint (with many face-plants) snowboarding; he is a reasonable cook, though Di tends to take charge in the kitchen these days. Oh, and did we mention he is a keen photographer!

Andy has been a serial entrepreneur; initially starting a sports IT business after his degree, then working in IT sales and training. He was also the founding director of a strategic marketing consultancy, heading up the market research function for several years.  After getting married in 2000 and joining the ‘rat race’, Andy reached a crossroads. After getting divorced, leaving the marketing consultancy and feeling off-purpose and directionless, Andy found the self-help/personal development ‘industry’. He trained in NLP, life coaching and executive coaching. In 2006, Andy went to live, train and work at a specialised personal development and relationship coaching retreat in Austria for 20 months.

During his time in Austria, Andy enjoyed interacting with the guests and workshop participants; he also enjoyed being involved in tours around parts of Austria and taking digital photographs of the guests and tours. As Operations Manager at the retreat, Andy had a varied role which encompassed looking after many aspects of the running and maintenance of the 18 bedroom retreat-hotel as well as the running of workshops and retreat holidays.

Andy and Di met online in 2007. At that point, Di had been living in Inverness for 20 years. After a mainly long distance relationship for six months or so, Andy and Di decided that they wanted to be together, with their ‘soul mate’, so they both upped sticks and moved into Andy’s bachelor pad in Warwickshire, England. They set up in business together as relationship coaches and personal development trainers and mentors (see www.connecttoyourpotential.com). This they did together for five years until there was an opportunity to move to Di’s beloved Inverness. During this time in Warwickshire, Andy continued to develop his keen interest in digital photography.

Diane Nicholson

Di was born in South Africa, before moving to Ireland, then Wales, London and finally Inverness in 1990. Her hobbies include: painting, playing the piano, reading, cooking, tending to her vegetable garden, touring the stunning Scottish Highlands and writing.

Whilst living and working in the hospitality business in London in her early 20s, Di visited Inverness and fell in love with The Highlands. She didn’t want to leave and cried all the way back to London. Not long after, she and her then husband bought a plot on a new development in Culloden,  Inverness and Di’s strong bond with The Highlands grew even stronger.

After a successful career spanning hospitality, finance and administration, like Andy, Di found the world of personal development. She trained in life coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy. Di was Susan Jeffers’ first-ever licensed ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway’ TM trainer. Through teaching ‘Feel The Fear, her own workshops and 1:1 coaching, Di has empowered well over  2,000 clients, plus many more who have seen her speak.

When she got together with Andy, Di also trained and specialised in Relationship Coaching and Mentoring, working with singles and couples from all over the world to help them to attract and sustain a great relationship.

As a qualified hypnotherapist, Di specialises in Past Life Regression and provide a safe space for clients to experience their own journey back through time. Some have seen their love soulmate for the first time, and sometimes in more than one lifetime. Others have released long-held pain which has allowed them to move forward with understanding for the first time. Others have finally been able to understand physical ailments they have brought into this lifetime with them, many of which have subsequently healed. Above all, clients have tapped into an incredible strength within, as they came to discover who they really are.

Di offers past life regression to tour clients – it is optional and included at no extra charge; not everyone wishes to delve into past life memories.

Andy & Di in The Highlands

Once in the Highlands, from February 2013, Andy & Di continued to work as personal development and relationship mentors; Andy was in his element in the ‘photography heaven‘ that is The Highlands of Scotland. They have both enjoyed exploring Scotland and the Highlands and also developed and indulged in a passion for Scottish and Highland history and culture.

Between them and often together, Andy and Di studied Clan histories, the Jacobites, Geneaology and Palaeography (the study of ancient and historical handwriting). Spending time at the Highland Archive Centre is something they both enjoy. Di says “It’s like stepping back in time and experiencing the Highlands as it was in the 18th century.  So deeply have we researched the history of Inverness itself, that we are able to walk the city streets and see them as they were back then, as clearly as we see them now.

In 2017, Andy and Di set up as tour guides, starting with Outlander Tours – see www.outlanderpastlives.com as well as developing a wide range of bespoke tour offerings on this website.

Outlander and the other Scottish tours we operate have brought everything we both love into one place, allowing us to share it with others… Scotland, history, Highland culture, photography, past lives, soulmate connections…

Here’s a gallery of photos of us: