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Flights to Inverness are on the up


In May 2016, flights to Inverness from Heathrow Airport were reinstated and have become a great success.

Flights to Inverness

A lovely view from Inverness Castle viewpoint

Daily flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Inverness Airport (INV) take just 1 hour 35 minutes making getting away to Inverness and the Scottish Highlands easy. British Airways, who relaunched this service said that two-thirds of the 75,000 passengers from the first year operating this route are international inbound visitors connecting from the USA and Europe.

Passenger numbers for flights into Scotland were up 15% for 2016, with Inverness Airport (recently expanded and upgraded) up 23.5%, showing what a popular destination Scotland and The Highlands are becoming. There’s no wonder that flights to Inverness are so popular, given the wonderful scenery like the image to the right. Read More →

A photographers trip to the Highlands isn’t complete… (Ffordes Photographic)


A photographer’s trip to the Highlands typically isn’t complete without a trip to Ffordes Photographic.

They are a really friendly and knowledgeable bunch, based on the Inverness side of Beauly. This is yet another stunning part of the Highlands, next to the beautiful Beauly Firth and not far from three fantastic Glens (photos below).

Ffordes Photographic are one of best-stocked photography suppliers in the UK and have the largest stock of pre-used equipment in the UK. Managed by the irrepressible Alister Bowie, he and the team are a lynchpin in the Highland photographic community.

Ffordes work closely with camera manufacturers to bring events, demo and promotional days giving us all the opportunity to try new kit and learn from the experts. Events often involve master-classes from well-known, award-winning photographers from all over the UK, such as: Olympus and Westcott Lighting Ambassador Robert Pugh; Olympus Ambassador Gavin Hoey;  Social & Landscape photographer Margaret Soraya; photo-journalist Gerry McCann; wildlife photographers Andy Howard, Laurie Campbell and Neil McIntyre, to name but a few.

Ffordes prides itself in offering high levels of service and advice and knowledge to amateur and professional photographers, the owner and staff are all enthusiast photographers who are encouraged to share their photographic knowledge and experience with customers. Read More →