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Winter in the Highlands – Wonderland!


We’ve has our first snow, not just any snow, but huge fluffy flakes that wafted down like feathers, settling like an eider down duvet. Winter in the Highlands is simply wonderful!

This time of year is a great time for travel and sightseeing in the Highlands. Whilst some places may start to get a little inaccessible and start to close down for the winter, there is still a great deal to see and do right on our doorstep. Snow-capped mountains, winter wildlife, Christmas fairs, winter sports – all provide a great atmosphere and a great deal of interest for your tour and photography. Read More →

New Highland Tours for 2018 plus Outlander Tours


We’ve been a little quiet on the blog over the summer as we’ve been busy finalising and delivering our new Outlander themed tours. If you are a big fan of Diana Gabaldon, her books and/or the STARZ Outlander TV series (Amazon Prime/Channel 4 in the UK) then check out our sister website Outlander: The Past Lives Experience for some amazing Outlander tours. We’re also working on a range of New Highland Tours for 2018 – these will be modular, off-the-peg tours, which you can mix and match to create a totally unique private Highland Tour experience.

Highland-ToursTake a look at our Private Scottish Highland Tours page for more details and options. These private tours are available for couples, or for larger groups of up to 6 people (plus the two of us).

The new Highland Tours include: the Jacobites; the Great Glen; Castles, Brochs; Standing Stones; History, Heritage and Archaeology; The Picts; Wildlife & Natural History Tours; Whisky & Distilleries; Skye; the North Coast 500 and more…

From 2018, we are also offering tours based on the history and ancestry of Highland Clans.
Do you have Highland Ancestry?

Click this link to see which Clans we will be focusing on. Let us know if you are serious about a specific Clan-based tour and we can prioritise it. Or, if you would like a tour based on your Clan’s ancestry, but it isn’t on the list – we can create a bespoke Highland tour for you.

Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on New Highland Tours.

Inverness Victorian Market & Academy Street Heritage Photography Project


This month I took part in two heritage projects here in Inverness, to record parts of the city, namely Inverness Victorian Market and Academy Street.

These are part of a community engagement programme to generate digital content for a mobile website or app focused on Academy Street. This, in turn, is part of an overarching project to regenerate Academy Street.

The first project was to re-create old photographs of Academy Street, to document how things have changed. So we took photos from as close as possible to the original spot at a similar focal length (to try to recreate the same image); we also presented a modern take on the image and then made the image look old/aged like the original.

Below are four of those pictures. My reproductions, taken in June 2017, on the top row, the originals below. This is followed by a gallery of the other photographs I took around Academy Street, which in turn is followed by a gallery of images of the Victorian Market here in Inverness: Read More →

Storm brews over the use of HDR Photography


HDR Photography or ‘High Dynamic Range’ is a photographic and imaging technique which causes some controversy, especially amongst ‘purists’.

Here are four variants of a storm scene this weekend over Inverness, all produced using HDR Photography techniques:

HDR photography - storm compilation

Four, differently processed, HDR Photographs

Some purists think HDR as a photographic technique is ‘cheating’ or too unrealistic looking – sometimes it can be! The second pair of images above, in particular, are unrealistic – deliberately so. However, they went down a storm on Facebook!

I make no bones about it – I like HDR Photography – in this article,  I’ll explain why. Read More →

Four Highland Seasons – never a dull moment


One of the many things that Di and I love about living here are the distinct four Highland seasons that we get here and the amazing variety of conditions and experiences that this brings.

Here’s a brief snapshot, showing a variety of images I have taken in The Highlands, from Spring through to Winter, showing all Four Highland Seasons:

Four Highland Seasons

A quick snapshot of some of our favourite views and images from the Four Highland Seasons

You can view more of these seasonal Highland images in the gallery below. And below that is a month by month itinerary of some of the amazing cultural, visual and photography-related events that are on offer year-round.  Read More →

A fun weekend in Perthshire


Q) How much fun can you have on merely a weekend with Highland Personal Development Photography Tours?


All shots taken on a weekend in Perthshire, in the Highlands of Scotland, between Friday morning and Sunday lunchtime. Early start Friday, back home in time for tea on Sunday!

A fun weekend in Perthshire - photographic compilation Read More →

Infrared Photography experimentation – results


So, I finally got out to experiment more with Infrared photography (IR) using my Fuji X100 camera and a special filter. Here’s a couple of examples:

unprocessed waterfall photograph

Unprocessed IR photo of a waterfall

processed waterfall photograph

Processed IR photo of a waterfall

Note: most cameras require a permanent modification to allow them to record an image taken from IR spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Read More →