Create your dream personal development tour holiday right here.

Combine your passion and curiosity for learning and growth, creativity and beauty, with a change of scene and getting away from it all.

  • Whether you are committed to your own personal development journey, or just intrigued…
  • Whether you are enthusiastic about digital photography or just curious…
  • Whether you are passionate about the Highlands of Scotland, or just open to what it offers…

We can tailor an experience that is right for you combining any and all of these elements as a personalised guided tour – of your inner self and your relationships, of digital photography and the stunning Highlands. At your disposal are:

  • Two world class personal development mentors and relationship coaches, one with a passion for photography, the other music and art
  • The stunning Highlands of Scotland with a wealth of history, culture, whisky distilleries, Highland Games, castles, wildlife, unspoilt beaches, remote islands, coastline, mountains and lochs to enjoy and photograph

tailor-made Highland tours

Create the tour, photographic experience and personal development journey of your dreams, mixing the right balance for you of: relaxation, pampering and/or jaw droppingly beautiful scenery with equally mind-blowing leaps in self-awareness and emotionally intelligent personal growth.

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This website focusses mainly on the beautiful Highlands of Scotland captured in photographs. To learn more about what we can offer in terms of personal development, emotional intelligence and relationship mentoring and coaching, please visit our Connect To Your Potential website.

Highland Personal Development Photography Tours

Once you contact us to enquire about your dream holiday, we will ask you to complete a short online questionnaire to let us know a little about you, your interests and preferences, so that we can start to tailor your ideal experience.

Using the column to the right, you can (i) sign-up for our personal development newsletter and (ii) see recent posts from our Highland Personal Development Photography Tours Facebook page featuring the latest pictures from our excursions.

Use the links below to explore visually and photographically what the Highlands and your personalised experience has to offer. All photos are taken by and are copyright Andrew Nicholson; the left-hand column are all taken recently in the Highlands of Scotland; the right-hand column includes some pictures from further afield exploring different photographic techniques – any of which you can try on your experience with us.

You can also view Andy’s photography in high resolution via his Flickr pages.

Andy shoots with affordable mid-range amateur photography kit – nothing too expensive; he likes to get good value for money from his cameras, lenses and equipment and can help you to do like-wise. Until the end of 2015, Andy’s main camera was a Canon eos 550d; after 4 years great use with this, he added a Canon eos 7D mkii. In addition, Andy has a handy mirrorless Fuxi X100 and also takes some great pictures with his Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone.

2017 update; Andy has added a Panasonic FZ330 Bridge camera which is (i) shower-proof, compact, shoots 4K video and has a high-speed video capability (good for viewing his golf swing in slow motion!). In addition, he has added an infrared filter for the Fuji X100 – an inexpensive way to be able to take infrared photos (usually it costs £300/$400 to convert a camera). Watch this space for more on infrared photography.

Use this link to learn more about Andy’s Photography, the equipment he uses, which you can try out and what you can learn from him about photography and taking beautiful pictures.